About us

Regenerate Me IV Hydration located inside the Linq Hotel & Casino is proud to be the leading providers of IV Vitamin Therapy drips in Las Vegas. IV Vitamin Therapy has been practiced for many years as an adjunct to conventional medical treatment of a wide range of health conditions. There is a growing body of scientific evidence that support many of the claims of IV Vitamin Therapy.

At Regenerate Me Clinic, patients safety is our top priority

We follow strict guidelines and standards to ensure each patient receives high quality and safe treatment. Regenerate Me treatments are performed by Board Certified Nurse Practitioners & Registered Nurses. We promote health and wellness by helping to restore and optimize your body’s natural state, reduce nutrient deficiencies and restore balance to help patients achieve their desired health, beauty, wellness, and anti-aging goals. Feel results immediately and regenerate today?

Why Our Customers love us?

5 Star review on Google & Yelp

Positive feedback across multiple platforms is the proof of our exeptional services!

Personalized Patient Care

Proud partner with Caesars / Caesars Rewards Accepted!

Board Certified Nurses

All our treatments are performed by our Board Certified Nurse Practitioners and Nurses. 

We come to you anywhere in Las Vegas!

Luxury clinic conveniently located on Las Vegas Strip inside the Linq Hotel or 24/7 mobile service at No Fee,